Get started

Get started

What is Toplistbot is an incredibly friendly user-friendly platform that enables you to effortlessly vote on any website of your choice. We are the ultimate voting solution. We made it as friendly, but also safe as possible for you and your users. We do all the heavy lifting for you, from renting big expensive servers, finding the best possible API’s, to programming software. We do it all in-house with our own developers. You are in charge using our software.

Free trial

Are you not sure yet if solves your problem? Just by verifying your e-mail you may claim 1 balance token, this equals about 100 votes on any site we offer. That way you can test our service without spending any money. Make sure you try out our solution before making a purchase.

Create an order ✒️

Once you have obtained your free trial token by verifying your e-mail or by making a purchase, the next step is creating an order. By navigating to the ‘websites’ table from the navigation bar, you are able to visit our 400+ list of websites that we currently offer.
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You can add websites to your cart by clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button. When you click this button a popup appears on your screen.
  • Name
    • The name of the website to add to your cart.
  • Own voting link
    • The URL where the captcha is located.
  • Amount
    • The amount of votes for the order. You can add and remove votes from the order once the order has been made.
  • Voting speed per hour
    • The average voting speed per hour. On some websites we automatically create a realistic voting speed profile by hour. This means that by filling in 10 votes per hour, some hours it will do 0 votes and other hours 20 during busy hours over the next 24 hours. This to make sure to create a realistic spread of votes.
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Once you have filled in the desired information, you can click ‘Add to cart’ on the modal. This will redirect you to the checkout page. This displays the total costs of all the websites in your cart combined. Once you are satisfied with your order and have enough tokens available in your account, you can create your order by clicking ‘Checkout with tokens’.
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Congratulations! You have created your first order.

Manage your order ⏯️

Using it is possible to manage your order without having to contact us first. You are in charge.
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In the overview there are multiple columns. ID, Status, Website, Created at, Progressbar, Progress, ctageories and Finish in. Then there are the following buttons: Add to category, Pause, Settings, Set max limit, View logs and Hide order. In the following section we will have a look at them.

Pausing/unpausing an order

You can pause or unpause an order any time during the process of completing the order. You can achieve this by clicking the ‘Pause’ or ‘Unpause’ icon.
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Adding/removing votes from an order

It is possible to add or remove votes from an order without creating a new one through the shopping cart. You can click the ‘Settings’ icon and go to the ‘Votes to do’ section. This is a slider where you can slide to the left and right.
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Remove tokens

When you slide left, you will take tokens back from the order, it is only possible to do this when you still have votes left in the order. It will say how many tokens will be added back to your account. Then click ‘Submit changes’ and you will have the tokens back. The balance per vote added back is the same from the websites overview.
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Add tokens

When you slide right, it will add tokens in the order. It is only possible to do to this when you have tokens left in your account. By sliding it to the right it will say how many tokens it will take from your account. If you are ready click ‘Submit changes’ and the order will now have extra votes. The cost per vote is the same from the websites overview.

Reporting an order as broken

When you notice that your order is not functioning how it should be, you can report the order. An example is that the counter is taking votes on the userpanel, but you are not receiving them on the website. We support over 400+ and so do have monitor tools, but unfortunately, we can not monitor everything. As soon as you notice something not working, please let us know as soon as possible via discord or livechat. You can report an order by clicking the ‘Settings’ Icon and then clicking: Report Order Broken. That way you will let us know that something is off and needs to be checked. We will try to email you back within 24 hours for a resolution.
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Setting a limit

When you only want a certain amount of votes the be cast in 24 hours, for example 100 successful votes, then you can set a hard limit. It will never go above this 100 limit in the last 24 hours. This protects you from sudden spikes during the voting process.
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View logs

When you want to know a little bit more about the votes that are being sent, you can view the logs of your order. This table contains the last 15 days of voting, after this the logs are wiped from our database.
In the logs overview you can see a chart of votes that were cast the last 24 hours, a table grouped by username, and a complete table of votes there are cast. In this table it is possible to see the ID of the vote, the timestamp of the vote, the IP-address used, the user-agent used and the username that were used during the voting process. That way you are in control.
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Hiding an order

By hiding an order it is hidden from the main overview. You can hide and un-hide an order. To view the hidden order you can click this button at the top of the table. It is not possible to permanently delete orders. If you wish to delete a large amount of orders, let us know via discord or live chat.
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Tokens 💱

What are tokens

Tokens are the currency for votes that are used. One token is the equivalent of one dollar worth of votes. A total overview of deals for tokens can be found here.
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Payment methods

There are several ways to buy tokens on our platform. All of these ways are fully automated. You will receive the tokens immediately after purchase.
We currently support the following payment providers:
  1. PayPal
  1. Stripe
  1. Crypto
If you wish to pay with a different option, contact support to see if we can support it or not.